Offroader V4

Offroader is yet another game that would catch your attention. You have the option to pick up 2 driving pickups, a bus, and a sports coupe. You can pick up the vehicle of your choice and look forward to an improved off-road driving experience. This game can give you an impressive racing experience. The game has a refined outlook and is very refined in comparison to other competitor games available.
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How to play the game

You should be using the arrow keys to drive. Space bar should be used in case you want to opt for a brake. There are many other keys that would give you a basic understanding of the different functions. For example, R means Reset, C means Primary Camera, V means secondary camera, T stands for slow motion and B stands for information about the car. When you feel the need to change the camera view then you should be pressing the key C. W, A, S, D can be used for driving the car.

You can use shift+R in case your car needs repair. When you will be playing the game, then a small window will display on the screen. This window would guide you on the route and would give you an idea how you are moving about. For user ease, the main control details would be displayed on the screen, and you would get the feel as if you are driving the car in real. Check out Effing Worms 2 if you are looking for more games.

Exclusive Features of offroader V4

The following are some of the key features of offroader V4.

  • The game has excellent 3D graphics. The design of the cars and the tracks are just awesome, and you would get the feel as if you are racing in real.
  • The controls are also quite simple to handle and are well defined. Even if you are a new user, you would be able to play this game with ease because everything is so straightforward.
  • This game has got quite an interesting physics.
  • You can choose between 56 tracks, and you can also make a choice amongst four different types of vehicles. Every track has some new exciting features awaiting you, and so you would be more than keen to move on to the next track.

Key to winning the game

If you are new to racing, make it a point to go through the instructions. This will give you a basic idea of the competition. Your prime objective should be to unlock the new levels and achieve the goals. Once you have won and acquired a grasp of the initial levels winning would not be much of a challenge for you.

Highlights and rewards

The real challenge lies in driving on the tough terrain and you would also need to overcome various hurdles that come your way like wooden ramps and lava. Once you are successfully able to drive the monster cars then you would be able to unlock the fancy cars as well like old haulage cars or the hippie vans. If you require a high score then it would be essential that you complete the track on time. The interesting aspect of the game is that sometimes you would be needed to indulge in some interesting tasks like transporting goods in a way that you do not end up losing them. A wrong move would penalize your car wheels or it may even blow up.

User opinion about offroader V4

This game can be termed as being quite addictive. This game can be termed as one of the best games for Android when it comes to the graphics. The best aspect of this game is the high speed that would only make you fall in love with this game. The dynamic soundtrack of the game will keep you glued. You would have the chance to accomplish various missions so that aspect would keep you quite motivated and you would be more than inclined to play this game time and time again.

If you love racing car games, then this game is a must try out. The best part is that every version of offroader v4 is coming up with better features so it would be a worthwhile experience for you try out this game. You would not only be inclined to play other competitor racing games once you have tried out this one.

If you want to make your weekend be extra special try playing this game and one thing is a promise that you would not get tired of the racing experience. If you need, any additional information about this game online walkthroughs are available, and this would give you a basic perception regarding what this game is all about so go for it. If you got tired playing Offroader V4 you can also try FFX Runner, Street Sesh or even the other versions of Offroader like V5 and V6.

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